COVID-19 Update for Casas Adobes

April 30, 2020


Friends & Families of Casas Adobes,


The COVID19 Update for Casas Adobes: we have 5 total COVID+ cases at Casas. We’ve been stable at this # for about a week. All 5 came from the community (via hospital admissions). Our current process calls for an observation period of new admissions where we test them for COVID.

Currently all 5 of our COVID+ patients are doing well.

Our Nursing team, dietary, housekeeping, laundry and everyone else continue to work to ensure the safety of everyone that currently resides here at Casas.

We continue to work with the direction of our medical director and guidance from the CDC to provide the best care for our residents/patients.

We appreciate so much the support we continue to get friends, families and the Tucson community. The outpouring of love has been tremendous!

Please continue to pray, meditate and/or think on the men and women working the front lines of this pandemic. Not only the front lines at Casas, but the front line workers across the world. They are the heroes.


Robert Eagar, CEO
Casas Adobes Post Acute
480.734.6507 (cell)