Vaccine Celebration

Protected together! With the recent introduction of the COVID-19 Vaccines, resident and staff covid cases have dropped by over 50%. Our team is honored to do our part in helping to end this year long pandemic.


COVID-19 Update 6/1/20

June 01, 2020


Friends of Casas Adobes,


We currently have zero COVID positive patients/employees. We are grateful for the continued vigilance of our employees in our fight against COVID.

Yesterday we had 3 patients appear with signs/symptoms that could be COVID related. We are following our process to put on isolation and test them for COVID. We should have results by Wednesday.

We continue to follow all the government guidelines to protect our patients and employees.

Thank you for the good thoughts you continue to send our way.


Robert Eagar, CEO
Casas Adobes Post Acute
480.734.6507 (cell)



COVID-19 Update 5/28/20

May 28, 2020


Friends of Casas Adobes,


We hope all of you are staying safe. We look forward to welcoming visitors back to Casas in the not too distant future (hopefully).

Today we have zero COVID patients in-house.

We were made aware yesterday of a patient that went to the hospital and tested positive for COVID-19. This patient had previously tested twice (both results negative) while in our facility. Read more

COVID-19 Update

May 20, 2020


Friends and Families of Casas,


Today we have zero COVID+ patients. Also to date we still have had zero employees test positive. Lastly we have had zero deaths related to COVID-19.
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COVID-19 Status Update

May 18, 2020


Friends & Family of Casas Adobes,


Thank you so much for the cards, prayers and good thoughts you are sending our way. It helps so much! We are so grateful!

We have not had a positive COVID case in a few weeks. We continue to follow the policies and procedures as outlined by ADHS, the CDC and Pima County. Read more

All of Our COVID+ Patients Graduated

May 5, 2020


Friends Casas Adobes!

We’re so excited to announce that yesterday, May 4th 2020, all of our COVID+ patients graduated from the COVID wing. We now have ZERO Covid+ patients in house!
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COVID-19 Update for Casas Adobes

April 30, 2020


Friends & Families of Casas Adobes,


The COVID19 Update for Casas Adobes: we have 5 total COVID+ cases at Casas. We’ve been stable at this # for about a week. All 5 came from the community (via hospital admissions). Our current process calls for an observation period of new admissions where we test them for COVID. Read more

First Confirmed Case of COVID-19

April 22, 2020


Friends & Family of Casas Adobes,


We have our first confirmed case of COVID-19 here at Casas Adobes. This is a new patient who admitted from the hospital last week and was immediately tested. The results took 48 hours to receive. Read more

Still COVID-19 Free

April 7, 2020


Casas Adobes Family and Friends,


We are grateful to report that we are still COVID-19 free. This is a testament to the hard work and ownership of the staff here at Casas. We are working around the clock to provide great care to your loved ones. Read more


April 2, 2020

Families & Friends,

First and foremost we would like you to know that as of today we have zero COVID-19 positive patients and zero presumed positive! This is exciting news for our patients and our staff. This is a testimony of the hard work and diligence of every staff member at Casas Adobes. I’m literally in awe of the hours and effort being put in by so many caregivers to care for your loved ones.

We are working hard to implement all the recommendations as they come from the CDC, Medicare and Arizona DHS. There have been so many changes which have the results of limiting our visitors and enhancing our infection control processes.

Forecasters of COVID-19 predict that the most difficult times for our community are ahead of us. We at Casas all hope to be part of the solution in “flattening the curve.”

There are no guarantees that a patient/resident in our building does not become COVID positive. What we can guarantee is that the clinical team here at Casas is doing everything possible to minimize the risk and ensure patient safety.

If you have questions please call the facility. We’re all here working hard to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


Robert Eagar, CEO
Casas Adobes Post Acute
Tucson, AZ