All of Our COVID+ Patients Graduated

May 5, 2020


Friends Casas Adobes!

We’re so excited to announce that yesterday, May 4th 2020, all of our COVID+ patients graduated from the COVID wing. We now have ZERO Covid+ patients in house!

While the news is exciting that we’re down to ZERO again, I share a little bit of caution. These #’s are fluid. Every single day we test new patients and receive results on others. At any point we could receive new patients from the community that test positive for COVID.

We have not had a patient test return positive in over a week. And thus far zero of our employees have tested positive.

We continue to sift through guidance from the CDC, Pima County and ADHS and to implement these strategies in our building.

We feel fortunate for the results thus far and will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of our employees and the patients.

We are grateful for the prayers and good thoughts you are sending our way. We feel strengthened as you continue to think of us.

We hope that the ban on visitors is lifted soon! We encourage you to continue to call, video chat and whatever other form of communication works for you. This love is so impactful in the lives of our residents.

Any credit for our amazing outcomes thus far in the fight against COVID19 goes to our staff. We have nurses and CNAs on the front line every day. Housekeepers working extra hard to disinfect and clean surfaces over and over each day. Dietary staff working to ensure patients getting their meals in a safe manner. Therapists, medical records people, receptionists and social workers who all are contributing. I’m sure I’ve missed some people…but our staff are the real heroes. They are the ones keeping your loved ones safe.

Kind Regards,


Robert Eagar, CEO
Casas Adobes Post Acute
480.734.6507 (cell)