COVID-19 Update

May 20, 2020


Friends and Families of Casas,


Today we have zero COVID+ patients. Also to date we still have had zero employees test positive. Lastly we have had zero deaths related to COVID-19.
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COVID-19 Status Update

May 18, 2020


Friends & Family of Casas Adobes,


Thank you so much for the cards, prayers and good thoughts you are sending our way. It helps so much! We are so grateful!

We have not had a positive COVID case in a few weeks. We continue to follow the policies and procedures as outlined by ADHS, the CDC and Pima County. Read more

All of Our COVID+ Patients Graduated

May 5, 2020


Friends Casas Adobes!

We’re so excited to announce that yesterday, May 4th 2020, all of our COVID+ patients graduated from the COVID wing. We now have ZERO Covid+ patients in house!
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COVID-19 Update for Casas Adobes

April 30, 2020


Friends & Families of Casas Adobes,


The COVID19 Update for Casas Adobes: we have 5 total COVID+ cases at Casas. We’ve been stable at this # for about a week. All 5 came from the community (via hospital admissions). Our current process calls for an observation period of new admissions where we test them for COVID. Read more